Friends of the Bardi

We would like to express our thanks for the support of the following:

Dr J. Bailey & Dr D. Davies
Mr & Mrs K. Barston
Mr & Mrs R. Barston
Mr & Mrs W. Barton
Mr & Mrs R. Blackmore
Mr & Mrs C. Boniface
Miss L. Boniface
Mr R. Brown
Mr & Mrs E. Butler
David & Jane Calow
Mr & Mrs J. Calow
Pauline & Richard Calow
Robert & Nicky Calow
Andrew & Jane Constantine
Mr & Mrs H. Dorsey
Mr & Mrs J. Drinkwater
Mr & Mrs K. Ellis
Mrs M. G. Fisher
Mrs V. Gale and Mr H. Cox
Mr & Mrs M. Gaul
Mr & Mrs A. Goss
Mr and Mrs S. Hall
Mr J. Hendrie
Mr & Mrs T. G. Howatt
Mr & Mrs M Howkins
Mrs J. Johnson
Mr & Mrs K. Larkins
Mr & Mrs K Loydall
The Monk Family
Dr C. & Dr K. Morfey
Mrs J. Neal
Mr & Mrs J. Orme
Mrs D. Osgathorpe
Mrs M. Potter
Mr & Mrs A. Priestley
Miss Ann Read
Mr & Mrs J. Roberts
Mr & Mrs T. Rupp
Mr A. Ryder
Mrs O. Saunders
Mr & Mrs G. Schofield
Mr J.E. Smith
Mrs S. Spencer
Mrs E. Steel
Mr and Mrs P. Stevens
Dr & Mrs P. Swift
Mrs C. Tordoff & Mr J. Springthorpe
Mr J. Wakefield
Mr & Mrs A. Wallis
Mrs J. & Miss C. Warner
Mrs J. Willars


To find out more about becoming a Friend of the Bardi Symphony Orchestra, please contact:

Nicky Calow Tel: 0116 271 7849  Email: