Message from Claus – Post Organ Symphony

How wonderful to be back again and to find the Bardi in such great shape.

Yesterday’s concert must belong to some of the best performances we have done in my time with the Orchestra. 

I was really pleased to see how well the players got into the Elgar and how well they performed it. The piece is maybe at times a bit over the top and it can sound messy. It never did with the Bardi and the Orchestra acheived with ease  such a wonderful transparency, which shows what a truly magnificent ensemble it is.

The accompaniment of the Mendelssohn was simply stunning. The Bardi has always had excellent accompaniment skills. What we heard yesterday most of the time was a good professional orchestra playing. The Orchestra changes musical details in rehearsals so quickly and responds immediate in a performance. I guess Amalia could not have wished for a better ‘start‘ doing her first Mendelssohn with orchestra. What we can offer young talents like Amalia, is a positive experience which should encourage to survive a very tough business.

The Organ Symphony was the perfect choice as a ‘we are back again‘ piece. Technically not too demanding, but impressive in its outlay and sound. Superb playing from all sections. Great to have David with us, I simply love working with him. He is a quiet and humble man, but what colourful sounds he can get out of the Organ!

I also very much enjoyed the rehearsals leading up to the concert and it is wonderful to see how hard and efficient everybody did work. One little dark remark however: would it be possible to get full light at the Grammar School? I know we are rehearsing for free and the caretakers are strict about leaving on time. But that it is not possible to provide proper light to our players during rehearsals, is a disgrace. I hope something can be done.

After nearly a year without work, I have learned even more to appreciate and value the work of the Bardi. How very fortunate and privileged I am to be a part of this. Sometimes I feel you must all be bored hearing me saying the same things on and on again. But I feel that during recent years orchestra and conductor has melted into one unit, which gives us all more musical flexibility and deeper understanding of the music. A huge and heartfelt  thank you for your interest in keeping me as your MD.

Here is to another great success in November!

Best wishes