The Principals’ Club

We are delighted once again this year that members of the Principals’ Club, the group that provides longterm support for the development of the Orchestra’s work, have provided a substantial amount of financial support for the Orchestra. The Bardi Symphony Orchestra is very grateful for this help.

Principals’ Club Members:

Graham and Gillian Austen
Professor Sir Peter and
Lady Anne Bell
Judy Buckell
Professor Timothy and
Dr Ffion Coats
Neil Crutchley
Professor J Feehally
Joyce and Chris Fleming
Dr John Florance
Michael and Mary Gaul
Mrs J Humphreys
Mr and Mrs M Kelly
Michael and Lorna Kirk
Mary Moore and Michael Lessiter
Debbie Lewis
Joe, Kim and Alexander Liptrot
Nicki Little
Douglas and Shirley Smith
Simon & Tuija Veale
Mr and Mrs E Watts
Betty Wright
Anonymous (2)