War Requiem Concert Review – Claus Efland

War Requiem – Benjamin Britten
10th November 2018 De Montfort Hall Leicester

The Bardi is at the moment on its peek. I don’t think the Orchestra has since my tenure been any better. Great and committed playing with many many fine details. Full credit must be given to the Orchestra for controlling the balance so well – also in the loud bits – without loosing intensity. And it is a great skill (also when not very musical) that the Orchestra carries on and sticks to the beat if the playing gets rocky.

However, it is such a shame when piano, harp and percussion are joining in so late. With such complicated pieces, they should attend more rehearsals. But when the players are there, they work well and are so responsive. Great singing throughout the Requiem from the choirs – also from the choristers. How wonderful to have them with us.

The 3 soloists must have been the best voices we ever had. And they want to come back. So all in all a trememdous success in every sense for the Bardi, simply due to perfect management and outstanding commitment from everybody involved.

Best wishes