Are you ready for a film music extravaganza with the Bardi?

2nd October 2023

The power of The Force has certainly attracted a large audience to the Bardi’s Celebration of John Williams concert on Sunday afternoon with over 1,100 seats already sold.  

The concert will feature many of your favourite themes from Williams’ best-loved soundtracks including no fewer than 11 Oscar nominated scores: Star Wars, Jaws, Harry Potter, E.T., Schindler’s List, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, A.I., The Patriot, War Horse, Saving Private Ryan and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Orchestra rehearsals have been in progress for over ten days with quiet smiles on the faces of players as their particular favourite comes in for attention. With 19 pieces on the programme the Orchestra Manager and the Librarian have had their hands full organising the music and players are always on their toes as the fast-moving programme proceeds. 

We are particularly looking forward to welcoming some new, younger members of the audience with some, we’ve heard, attending an orchestral concert for the first time ever. John Williams music now features on the GCSE music syllabus being followed by some schools, and students are keen for a rare opportunity to hear some of this music played live. Other members of the audience are keen to hear live performances of the music which they have hitherto heard only on the radio or heard in the cinema. But all are in for a treat with the recently refurbished lighting in De Montfort Hall adding to the spectacle.

Join the Bardi on Sunday 8th October at De Montfort Hall for A Celebration of John Williams. Tickets are selling fast so make sure to book yours here.

Orchestra in rehearsal; a selection of scores from the concert; John Williams conducting Saving Private Ryan in 1998 ©Alamy

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