A Rodgers and Hammerstein Extravaganza at De Montfort Hall!

28th March 2023

Lights, Camera, Action! There was plenty of all three at the Bardi Orchestra’s ‘Rodgers and Hammerstein on the Silver Screen’ concert on Sunday.

Special lighting effects enhanced the performance on the stage, the action was provided in plenty by the Orchestra and West End soloists Shona Lindsay and Stephen John Davis who were all on sparkling form. The camera of David Calow was in action so that the event was captured for posterity and you can see his work below.  

Sadly much of the original material used for the film versions of these great musicals got lost and separated but British conductor and arranger John Wilson painstakingly and reassembled it for his memorable 2010 BBC Prom concert. It was this material that was used in the Bardi concert. The score called for a number of extra instruments such as saxophones and a massive percussion section so the stage was very full indeed. The concert had one direct connection to that 2010 Prom, the finale from Oklahoma! called for two extra soloists, local soprano Eleanor Charman, and from the Bardi violin section, to the surprise of Orchestra and audience, up stepped Michael Lessiter who actually sang in that 2010 Prom! Our biggest audience since the pandemic made this a concert to remember.  

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